American Roulette – The Game of All Times!

This great game was brought to the USA by European immigrants, who settled down near New Orleans. It didn’t take long and the “little wheel” (“roulette” is translated as the small wheel from French) became a favorite entertainment among the gamblers on the steamboats on Mississippi River. In the times of Gold Rush in 1940s roulette games moved to the western parts of the United States. Soon almost all the saloons in towns, mining camps were full of gamblers playing roulette.

The popularity of American roulette can be easily explained. First of all, it’s a fun and exciting game. In addition to that, one doesn’t need to be much skilled or to practice a lot to play roulette. The most effective way to learn to play roulette is to observe the game in action. After several rounds you’ll surely get a clear understanding of how the players should bet and how to behave at the roulette table. Nowadays, you don’t have to go to casino to do it, you can just learn to play online live roulette. So what is roulette? What are the basics? To understand that let’s have a look at the wheel and the layout. There are numbers, and you can place a bet on each of these numbers individually. In this case the payoff will be 35 to 1. The numbers are of two colors – red and black. So, one can make a bet on the winning color. Obviously the numbers are divided into odd and even, so you have such betting option, too. Red/black and odd/even bets have much higher odds than bets on individual numbers, as a result the payoff is much lower for them. You can place chips on the lines and crosses, this ability allows you to place bets on 2 or 4 or more numbers simultaneously.

So what’s the difference of American version of roulette from other versions? The American wheel’s got thirty eight slots numbered from 1 to 36, plus two zero slots – 0 and double 00. At the first look the numbers on American roulette wheel are arranged in a random manner without any logical explanations. But it’s not true. After deeper examination of the wheel you’ll see that the numbers are arranged in the attempt to alternate the black and red colors, low and high numbers and also odd and even numbers. The layout of the roulette is arranged in much more ordered manner than the wheel. American layout comes in 2 or 3 colors. 0 and 00 are at one end with inside and outside betting areas on one side. The outside betting area includes betting boxes for high/low numbers, red/black, odd/even numbers, column bets and dozen bets. The inside betting area consists of the individual numbered boxes.

The special attention should be paid to online analogue of roulette. As a matter of fact online roulette doesn’t differ from offline game. All the rules and main principles are the same, but you need some time to get adapted to online interface. Online games are based on the random number generator, but there are live online games, which display the real roulette wheel.

With mobile roulette, you’ll have all of the same opportunities that you have with online roulette. Wherever you play, make sure to pay attention to the bonuses and promotions that are offered. The online roulette site offers the same great things for mobile roulette players.